How does the video advertising affect your business?

A piece of simple maths. You get up to 80% of information through your eyes. Another 10% is what your hear. Video advertising combines visual and audial information appealing to 90% of your senses. It can’t be achieved with purely audial radio commercial or purely visual printed ads.

Your potential clients are either visuals (40%), auditory (20%) or kinesthetic (40%) people — they may better memorize visual, audial or tactile information. By choosing the video advertising you address to 60% of your audience.

Video advertising makes the most use of the Internet. Place a video ad on YouTube or Vimeo and gather all the needed statistics about the viewers. Talk to your audience through the comments. Show everyone how popular your service or product is.

People love entertainment. Don’t bore them with the long texts on your website. Give your ideas an amusing and easy-going shape of a video advert.

Video matters.


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